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Adding Tolerances To Dimensions in Sketch Workbench


New member
Hi Everyone. I really appreciate this site and all the help everyone offers. I was hoping someone could supply some insight in regards to this. This question is in relation to the Sketching Workbench in Catia

I have seen some sketches in Catia which have tolerances associated to Dimensions. So people have dimensioned a hole and have applied a limit tolerance to it.

Any ideas on how this is done??

Once again I appreciate everyone's insight.


Super Moderator
Turn on sketch constraint tolerances with Tools + Options, General section + Parameters and Measure,
and look in the Parameters Tolerance tab. Activate the option for Default Tolerance, and you can set the default max and min tolerances also.

I never found much use for these tolerances, so please let us know what you use them for.


New member
Hi Mr Catia, Once again I appreciate all your input to this forum.

Here is why someone would want to use tolerances in sketches. Assuming I have a plate with 4 simple holes. all holes are of a different size. Each hole has a tight tolerance. one hole has +/- .001" tolerance and the other has a +.0005" / -.0000" and so on. So i sketch the features and extrude. Now I'm left with a model. I send this model to the drafter who creates a drawing for manufacturing. Or I send the model to someone else to do let's say Functional Tolerancing and Annotation or I simply transfer the model to programming where they can machine it. The bottom line is that this model gets transferred from one person to another. To define the tolerance for the hole within the sketch really makes sense when we are tossing models around from person to person or from department to department like a dirty shirt.;).

The proposed solution which you have posted above works if you are only dealing with one tolerance because whatever tolerance you put in there will get transferred to every dimensional constraint which is created, this really is never the case. So you are correct, there is no use for this feature.

However....because this is really a important part of sketching I was determined to find out how to do this as I had seen it on some models and couldn't figure out how it was done. and then I found it. It took me about four days but I found it.......It hit me like a brick wall because it was right in front of me the whole time. I believe this is exactly what this command was made for....

"Edit Multi-Constraint" command which is part of the Constraint toolbar. So you click the dimension and then you click the command icon and then you add in the appropriate tolerance in the boxes. Any more clear than this and you would walk right through it.

Very important feature. I'm glad it is solved.

Once again I appreciate your insight Mr Catia.