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Advanced Bill of Materials


I have an assembly for some shelf in a garage. Instead of creating a bunch of the same parts at different lengths I created A stock 2x4 model and have been inserting that component and extrude cutting each one to the desired length. I was hoping I could then generate a list of parts with the different features that have been applied to the variants. Is there anyway to do this?



Bump. I'm guessing I have to create a new stock file for every component I propagate a feature to the original file? I'm just hoping there is a better way.


Maybe I have misunderstood, but I would be using configurations. Here's a video I found on YouTube (nothing to do with me) which runs through them.

You may also want to look at design tables (basically configurations with excel table) and configuration publisher (again neither videos are anything to do we me and whilst old still are relevant i think).

If this is something you do a lot of (for example you make garage selfs often at any size length) then I would recommend DriveWorks Xpress too.