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Advanced Question - Catia Flat Patterns


New member
I need to make a flat pattern for the part attached. It will be made using a deep draw forming method. I have never made a flat pattern for that before and the attached part is additionally almost all curved surfaces. Is there a work bench in Catia that can help me with this. The part is made out of sheet metal.



New member
Draw Form - Flat Pattern - Sheet Metal

Does Catia have a work bench to assist me with making a flat pattern for a sheet metal part that will be made via Draw Form? Attached is an image of the complex geometric shape.



Super Moderator
The flat pattern capabilities in the CATIA sheetmetal workbenches are primarily for sheet parts that are bent on a brake, not for formed parts like yours. There is a Developed Shape license (DL1) that is a add-on to the GSD workbench. It will approximate a flat pattern based on a surface. I've used it several times to flatten surfaces, but I've never used it for deep draws like you have.

Here's some info on it: V5 Portfolio - Dassault Systèmes

Let us know how this works for you, or if you have any questions.
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