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Advice for a 3D Artist


New member

I have been a 3D artist focused on modeling for almost 20 years, but have been finding extreme difficulty in finding work. When I look for job postings in my area (Central Florida) I see a lot of opportunities.

My question is if I were to study CAD what would be the level of education would you recommend? I have had to work with AutoCad and Fusion 360 in some of my previous jobs. I just wonder what would you suggest for me to get some formal training under my belt to be attractive for CAD work. I have previously worked in the simulation field working with lots of mechanical elements. I realize that CAD is similar , but will my skills transfer over?

Any suggestions of what area of CAD I might have better success in?

Thank you for any advice or insight you could give me.


New member
Prospective CAD technicians generally need to earn an associate's degree. Programs at this level can train students to become proficient in CAD software programs and create detailed drawings. You have to choose area according to your interest. One of my friend also done this course but he did not find growth in this field so hi switched to real estate broker career in NJ, and now doing very good in this field. So, it all depends on your interest and scope.


New member
if the diference is that big then I wana give them a try..

what types of rubber exacly do you recomend for lots of speed and lots of spin?