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Advice on projecting and realising a working custom designed axial fan for pc cooling

Franz Garden

New member
Dear 3dCadders,

this is my very first post, and I actually signed up for this

I wasn't sure which kind of discussion forum was the most appropriate: whether a cad forum, an engineering forum or a 3d enthusiast board. In the end I have chosen this one, my first concern being not the printing process of the object, as much as the need for a proper and flawless design.

I would like to build a custom pc case, with a custom designed fan.

The fan would be in plain view, placed on top of the case, so it needs to be nice-looking and, most important, dead silent.

I have no trouble realizing how easy it can be for good designers as you certainly are projecting an effective fan or turbine or whatever and how easy 3d-printing can eventually be: there's a lot of examples on the internet in that regard.

The point is: how can we combine effective design (i.e: the fan actually produces a good amount of air) with excellent noise? How many designers actually do have this kind of expertise?

[Let alone the print process: 3d printed object may actually work, but they seem to have all that grainy finish (regardless of the subtlety of the material) and that toyish look .. if you know what I mean.

But on the other hand I can't order a "standard" plastic production for one single piece I guess ..]

So.. these are my questions and my concerns. I hope you can give me the right guidance to help me understand better and make a wise choice. Or simply give me the tools for some effective and focused self study :)