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Advice on software


New member
Hey all

Apologies for another one of theses threads. I read through a few of the existing threads but since everyones' circumstance are slightly different it is hard to know what is relevant to me!

My background is around 20 years experience in 3D for the VFX industry. To that end, I would consider myself a pro Maya user. However, as a hobby, I am looking at designing and making composite moulds so am looking at using 3D for the design process. Using Maya would be easy for me but I'd rather switch to using CAD software. The problem is I have no idea which. Initially, I'd be using it out print out 2D templates/cross sections for pattern/plug building but I like the idea of extending that to CNC and maybe 3D printing (at this point in time I have very limited access to both)

Given the above, what would you recommend in terms of software?

Many Thanks