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aggregation rules violation error message


New member
Hello, can anyone please help and or explain this issue that I am having. I am working with a recent install of CV5 R18 running on Vista 64 bit Home Premium.

When working in a product, If I activate a part and go into part design wb I get an unfamilair error message when I attempt to insert a geometrical set:

“Part1” can’t be selected because it’s inconsistent with aggregation rules

As soon as I close the error message catia creates the geometrical set as normal. However the only visible geometry on the screen is what ever in work object is active, everything else is not visible or selectable from the tree.

For instance, if I create a copy of a solid and paste into a different geo set I can only see one at a time (which geo set is the in work object). Or say I am trying to create an intersection in GSD work bench, if I have a surface in one geo set and CAN NOT select a curve in the different geo set by selecting from the tree.

I have never seen anything like this before in CV5 R15 - R17. If anyone can give me any ideas as to what the problem is it will be grealty appreciatted.



Super Moderator
Hybrid Design?

I'm taking a guess here that your CATSettings were changed in R18, based on a couple things you said:

Sounds like you're working in the Hybrid Design mode, which most users don't use. Depending on what your company standards are, you can disable Hybrid Design with Tools + Options + Infrastructure + Part Infrastructure. There are 3 Hybrid Design options in the Parts Document tab. I suspect the message is the result of how these options are now set.

If this doesn't help, please post a picture of the tree to help figure out what you're working with.

You also said you only see the geometry on the current set. Again, this is probably another options setting. Go to Tools + Options + Infrastructure + Part Infrastructure, but this time look at the Display tab. In the middle of the page, turn off the first two options:
  • only the current operated solid
    [*]only the current body
The third option might help also:
  • geometry located after the current feature
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New member
Thank you very much sir. You definetly know your stuff when it comes to CV5

I do, however have another question for you if you get some time. It seems that I am somewhat restricted as far as moving geometry (planes, surfaces, pads, pockets, etc...) around in the tree.

For instance I seem to get some error messages when attempting to copy and paste. Also if I want to create a mirror or translation of solid and have the result be created in another part body or geometrical set, it won't let me. I have not yet had a chance to spend much time working in catia since I made the settings changes you reccomended.

Please let me know if anything comes to mind.

Thanks again for your help.