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Analysis & Simulation with CATIA

Hi everyone,

I'm new on this so I'll try to explain my self properly hehe.

I'm triying to do some finite element analysi with the modul Analysis & Simulation of Catia V5-16.

The problem comes around when I try to define the loads on my figures.

I'm working, for example, with an endlees worm and I have to apply the loads not in the whole perimeter but in a small surface, the one in contact with the gear. This surface is supose to be a small "square" in the endless worm. How can I define this surface? I have try to project a plane on the worm but it doesn't work properly.

I have the same problem when trying to analyze a spindle, as I do have to apply the loads only in just a pair of the threads and I don´t know how to do that. I have read something about the extract modul but nothing especific neither good explained.

Thanks everyone!!


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There are several ways you can get that small surface to apply the load. You will need to switch to the Generative Shape Design workbench to make the surface

One way is to Extract a surface from the face of the worm, and then Trim it with several planes to get the smaller surface

Another way is the draw lines or curves to define the small area, Project these onto the face of the curve, and then use Fill to make a surface inside the projected curves.

Once you have the small surface, switch back to the Part Design workbench, and use Sew to add the surface onto the solid. The worm will now have a small face to apply the load.
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Pls follow the steps.
(Ex: i have huge siurface, but want to apply load ona small area in it)

1. Create part creation
2. PUBLISH the required surface (Where the small area will come)
3. Extract the surface in GSD
4. Create the sketch in the surface (Small area)
5. Spilt it
6. Sew the split surface to part body in Part design (Not in surface workbench)
7. Analysis work benchm, then you can do the clamp & apply load on the small area.

Hope this will help. PLs do reply weather you can get the result.
If you couldn't let me know what is the bottleneck process.