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angled object from a flat surface


Good Day!

I am just starting with SW and did some of the beginner tutorials but i was trying to replicate this one. I did use sketchup and would like to concentrate on using SW.

its a simple base plate 3mm tall and a square on the top that is angled with a 9 mm hole.

Any tip/tutorial link that shows how to create an angled object on a flat surface? I tried to draw a square on the surface and use extrude but cant make it go on an angle.

Thanks so much!



two easy ways for you to choose:

1.Change the sketch plane
2014-3-25 下午 02-40-22.jpg

2.Specifies the direction of Extrude, and the End surface
2014-3-25 下午 02-51-46.jpg
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Just create a plane at an angle somewhere offset from the base using Reference Geometry & build a sketch on it & then extrude up to body or surface. To create this you can also take the help of the link given below:


Moreover, if still you face any problem then please let us know as we are there to serve you round the clock.