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Another exercise...multi-pads?


New member
Hello, my friends

Another exercise...I need your oppinion about how to do it. To create the part in the attachement, as far as I can see, I will need 3 sketches: one with the left side of the part (excluding the R31.8 mm semi-circle), another to the right side (again excluding the R31.8 mm semi-circle) and a third only with the R31.8 mm semi-circleto.
My strategy will be to extrude a 16 mm pad using the first sketch, extrude another pad with 48 + 16 mm using the second sketch and with the third sketch (constructed on a plane defined by the upper face of the 48 + 16 mm pad) I will create a pocket of 28,6 mm depth.

About the 30º angle on the upper face, haven't thought about it that much but there are several ways to do it (for ex, using a fourth up-to-plane sketch, or cutting the top face with an intersecting plane, etc, etc).

My main concern for now is the first part of my post. What do you think about my strategy?

Thank you



Super Moderator
Your strategy is good, as are many other strategies that result in the correct shape.

I would recommend using Chamfers for the two 30 degree angles.



Hi rbarata,
i think the better statergy would be first pad the section in top view by 16+48mm, use boolean operations to cut 48mm and semicircle, and hole n chamfer at last.
Boolean is lenghty but its good practice.