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Articulated Gauntlet (wearable)

Hi guys, hope you can help me with this, as ive hit a pretty big wall and realy need some advice.

What im trying to do is take a flat template ive made in 3DS Max or Autocad (this is all done, taken from a gauntlet design I bought)

Apply the bends needed to cover the area (in this case its a gauntlet)

Layer the peices together (make an assembly) so they fit together, then add more bend lines and alter their angles to allow for perfect articulation while alowing me to go back and edit the design.
(constraints will be setup so the pieces cant enter one another, and axis setup where the rivets will be so i can see the range of motion)

Then reflatten the design back to the now altered template for cutting (pepakura can do this, and export to a laser cutting format)

This all should be well within the capabilities of the programs im using ( 3DS Max, Autocad, Inventor ) but im having a hell of a time actually doing it, as they are not presented to be used in such a fashion.