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Assembly automation for different car sizes


New member
Hello everybody.

In the next few days i will begin to draw the automobile parts (windshield, doors, bumpers, etc.) in order to design a complete car model for a university assignment. The design will mostly serve the purpose of aesthetic design using Bezier curves and so on and the model won't be subjected to dynamic or aerodynamics analysis, but will be created in accordance to ergonomics and SAE regulations. After the design of the parts i would like to create a simple interface that gives the user the chance to choose between car sizes by running a script (?) and automatically assemble the body parts based on that. For example if one chooses small city car the result will be a two-seater car (using 2 passenger models), the bodywork pillars will be close etc. If one chooses station wagon the pillar will be far from each other.
Hoping that you understood what i need to be done i'd like to hear you suggestions-opinions on how to make this possible. How am i supposed to create the macros that do this? The last thing a want is to mess with programming (Autolips, VBA...). I found out some plug-ins that record actions so that automation is possible, but i haven't figured out if that suits me.So i am listening....

Thank you very much in advance.