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Assembly Design / Working with Scenes / Show background data only in sections


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I have been drafting in Catia v5 for over a year, but without any formal training. Therefore, I know I'm often doing things in inefficient or even harmful ways.

My problem is simple:
In all of my projection views (Plan, Front, Side, ISO), I need to show ONLY my part.
In all section cut views I need to show background data AND my part.

Things I've done so far with varying levels of success:
1)Prepare entire drawing using an assembly with only my parts visible. background data is hidden.
After I've completed everything else, I switch to my assembly and unhide my background data. Then I update only the views which I'd like to include sections.
This gives me the exact results I want, but is a huge pain in the butt. It also breaks links and forces me to use views which aren't up to date.

2) In the assembly, I can change a part's drafting properties to "DO not show in projcetion views"
This seems like exactly what I need, however checking the box has no effect.

3) I've just learned of Scenes, and I assume these are the answers to my problems. I have created two different scenes within the assembly. In the first scene, only my part is visible. In the second scene, everything is visible.
I create my front view using the "part_only" scene, which works exactly as i'd expect.
Now, I need to create 3 or 4 section cuts, each of which must included the background data.
But I can't change the projection plane, since this is not a generative view, and I can't figure any other way to change the scene.
I /could/ create a front view using the "everything_visible" scene and use that to cut all my sections, then hide the original front view and create a second front view using my "part_only" scene.

That seems like an even worse work around then i was doing back at (1).

Can anyone tell me the correct way to accomplish what I want?




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I've never made drawings like yours Nick. You're have a slightly different requirement than any drawings I've seen. Could you post a picture of an example of what you're trying to do. Might help us figure out what you need to do. Are these architectual drawings or mechanical?

I don't like your method 1. I've never done method 2 (I'll have to try that in the future - might be easiest, and you're just missing something simple). Your method 3 (using Scenes) should work. Do you have a Scene for each view, or just a few Scenes for the overall assembly?

But 2 other methods popped into my mind as I read your post:

4. Use View Overload Properties to turn parts show/hide parts in different views. Depends on how many parts are in your assembly. Overload Properties will probably be better with smaller assemblies; Scenes will be easier to manage with assemblies containing lots of parts.

5. Use different Pointed Documents for the different views.

5a. Open your part in a New Window and make your part views based on this one CATPart file only.

5b. Then make the assembly views and section views based on the CATProduct file. You can use Scenes, or Overload Properties to include the different parts, specify which parts are sectioned, etc.

Let me know how these work for you. And please post a picture to better explain your requirements.
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