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Assembly displaying wrong parts.


About a year ago, when I started at my current job, I was given an assembly to modify and to maintain. It's very basic and has only 15 or so parts, not super difficult to make. The mistake I made was that I made several copies of it as "revisions" and placed them in several locations on my computer and on a network drive(not all of which were in zip folders). Recently, I reopened this project and several components broke, and I noted how sloppily I had managed my folders. Several new features were missing from the case, and a spacer that was in the file with the assembly refuses to show up in the assembly. Normal I would just remake the whole thing, but the bind is that it is for a project that is ETL C1D1, meaning that the drawings are controlled, and the working copy must be identical to the submitted documents until we decide to make a revision, which is costly. The drawings reference the assembly so now that the assembly is broken, the drawing is also broken, and we need to have a SolidWorks working copy of this device, even if it's just for the principle of the thing.

This leads to my questions for you good folks.
Have you ever had a problem like this in the past, and how did you fix it?
Are there any recommended ways/methods of resolving problems like this?