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Assembly Features


New member
Hi guys,

I'm new to Catia V5 after 20 years on ProE.

I want to do something that should be simple, but I cant find a way.

I have created a number of individual parts that will be welded together, these have "rough out" dimensions.

I have assembled them into a product representing the welded fabrication.

Now I want to carry out machining operations by creating final machined holes and cuts.

Trouble is, when I create a final machined assembly feature it propagates down to the part, so I cannot release the part as I had designed it with rough out dimensions.

Please advise how I stop assembly features propagating to child parts.

In ProE; assembly features don't propagate down, but I cannot find the switch to set this in Catia.




New member
It's a bit short-sighted of Dassault not to allow top level non-propagated assembly features, but I figured out a work-around how to do this.

You have to create two parts, the first one is the rough machined part. the second one you copy the part body into it as "Paste Special" then select "As Result with Link". any change you do to the original part will be parametrically copied into the linked part.

Only assemble the linked copy. not the original part, into the final assembly.

You then create your hole features as assembly features.

The assembly features will only appear in the linked copy, they won't propagate to the original part.


Super Moderator
That workaround doesn't sound too bad, unless you have a lot of parts to be copied. You also need a naming convention to easily identify the original part from the assembled part.
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