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Assembly Problem


Super Moderator
Budy posted the following question in a private message yesterday:

Hello MrCatia

Can you help me?

I'm catia user..
I have problem in assebly.
after I have fiished part desing so to assembly the part can't paste to the assembly window.
I use V5R14

My computer spec is:
Cpu doble core 1.6 Ghz
Ram 2 Ghz
Graphic 512

post Error From Catia like this

"You cannot paste onto this component
this component part1 cannot be paste onto itself
paste this component onto another component"

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Hello Budy,

Based on the error message, I'm guessing you're making a mistake with either the Copy or the Paste. :confused:

I've found it helps me to have the Part and the Product in two, separate windows.

Make sure you click on the top item in the tree when you copy the Part.

Make sure you click on the Product when you paste the Part.

I hope this helps:)


Super Moderator
Another way to add parts

Another way to add Parts to Assemblies:

Copy & Paste and Drag & Drop are the easiest ways to add part instances to assemblies, but here's another way to do it:

1. Before you start, save the CATPart file
2. Open the CATProduct assembly
3. double click the name of the assembly to make sure it's active (blue background), and you're in the Assembly Design workbench
5. select the assembly again
6. go to the folder and select the CATPart file to be copied
7. add Constraints to postion the part instance
8. Save the CATProduct file