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ATi 5770 graphic card for CATIA


New member
Guys, will ATi 5770 graphic card work with CATIA V5 (R18 & above)?

gfx. card - MSI Global – Computer, Laptop, Notebook, Desktop, Mainboard, Graphics and more

& how much of a help will 5770 provide in rendering of designs?

I mean, for watching HD videos, we can transfer all the load to gfx. card (media players like MPC) for smooth play.

so does the gfx. card render the designs in CATIA?

coz i'm currently using CATIA on Intel GMA X3000 onboard graphics, & it takes ages to render a small simple design, even tho i have a Intel Core 2 Duo processor.

I dont want to buy the expensive Quadro/FireGL gfx. card, as i'll be using the PC for movie watching..., gaming too.

& most important of all, i'm on very tight budget.


New member
you can get a FX580 for 139.99 or the new FX600 1GB 189.99 and ATI fire (never had one) just made a big jump in power and lower price, on there cards. even if you got the best game card. it will not put out
like even a cheap 3D card to say it very basically. games cards want FPS and 3D want image quality.