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Attributes in blocked table?


New member
Howdy, all...

I am running AutoCAD 2008. My company likes to make blocks with lots of data in them. These data lend themselves to tables well. In the same block, we will also have a graphic of some sort with the same data reported in a different way. I think to myself, "self... this wants to be a block attribute so the duplication does not turn into error".

Seems like it can't be done because table cells are mtext entities and I've yet to get attributes to play well with mtext.

Now... can anyone out there tell me how to report a block attribute in a table?

Alternatively, is there something new coming down the pike that is superceding attributes? Can something like this be done with dynamic block parameters?

By the way, I've managed to get my functionality with document properties and reporting the field in the table, but AutoCAD's custom prop editor becomes cumbersome when dealing with 3-4 dozen custom values and inserting a new block requires knowing which custom props to manually create before bringing in the block.

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