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Autocad Architecture


Hi Guys
Autocad Architecture was not on the drop down program choice list which adds to my profile but as the title is 3DCaD I am sure you cover autocad architecture. but i do not want to ask questions in the incorrect forum.
I have studied Lynda Autocad essential Training 2010 then got involved elsewhere. Now I am back. I have done autocad Architecture Essential Training on Lynda 2018. Can anyone please advise me what to do next as, great though the course is, it leaves lots of questions once you start to actually use the program.
All the best


New member
Hi Guys,

AutoCAD Architecture has all of the features that AutoCAD has, plus the addition of tools designed for Architects to enhance the workflow of construction documentation. In AutoCAD Architecture, elements such as walls, doors and windows mimic real-world behavior and construction. So, you can insert doors or windows into your wall, and when you change the location or style of object, you may update this same object in other drawings where it is shown. If you use AutoCAD Architecture as it is designed, it is a much different workflow, but once you become adept at using all of its tools and functions it is well worth the investment.

Thanks & Regards
https://www.chemionix.com/architectural_design_services.html Architecture Design
Roger King