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Automated callout


New member
Is there any option to put part names callouts (part name with leader line to its part) automatically on drawing ? (catia v5)


New member

You must go to Tools>Options>Mechanical Design>Drafting>Annotation and Dress up and clicking 3D associativity in the section Balloon Creation and select "Part Number" in the list on the right.

Then, go to the CATDrawing and select the icon "Balloon" in the tool bar "Annotations" and select your part.

The only problem is that the texts are with balloon if you don't want text with balloon you must remove them one to one or at the end doing a search of all the texts for memove the balloons at the same time.


New member
for example :
XX-XXX-XX (Part number)
YYYYYYY (second text line : nameof part or qty, or smthng else)


New member
Ahh! I understand it now, but I'm sorry, I think that it isn't possible to do it automatically, you must do it editing the balloon annotations that you did before.


New member

OK, it's true but you can select a normal text and clicking in your balloon write the second text, then both of them keep linked and you can move them together.
The bad thing is that the second text can't be inside of the balloon.
I hope you don't need have them inside both of them.
The best thing you can do it's take off the balloons in the first text and link the texts like I said you.
I can't help more, I don't know another method for doing this, I'm sorry and good luck.



Super Moderator
I guess a Balloon is only supposed to have one line of text.

I know this isn't automatic, but instead of a Balloon, why not just use Text with multiple lines. You can add a circle Frame and a Leader, so it looks just like a Balloon.

Or, use a Leader Text to eliminate having to add the Leader.

text balloons.jpg

Maybe you could use a Macro to automate the command? Or a PowerCopy?
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