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Beam Catalogue


New member
Hi everyone,
New to CATIA and also new to the forum, I am a junior design engineer for a ship consultancy company called Tritec. I am modeling a gas carrier vessel and I am looking to find an easier way to model the transverse beam structure. To model the longitudinal beams I created a catalogue using a design table with the overall beam length increasing in increments of 800mm. however the transverse beams do not follow these set sizes. Is there a way to create a catalogue of different beam cross sections but when the part is placed in an assembly CATIA prompts the user to input the required length of the beam? I really don't want to create lots of parts just for a slight overall length change.



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If it is possible can you please attach the snap of the beam so that i can see if i can find a solution for it


Super Moderator
CATIA has a Structure Design app that makes it much easier to design frame structures. You start with a catalog of profiles (2D cross sections) and then build the frame of beams and columns, with cutbacks, etc. Making changes are easy too.

Talk to your local CATIA sales rep to get a demo (or check out some videos on YouTube). There are apps specifically for Ship Design also.
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thanks guys, I don't have the funds for the extra apps :( but I did get some advice from my CATIA sales rep and he told me to create a power copy of a pad feature of the cross section and extrude it to a plane. I then saved this as a power copy in a catalogue so when the power copy is called apon it prompts me to select as start and end plane.