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Boolean Operations

Hi all,
In the below image I hope its clear that these are two objects. Actually its a mold of two parts. What I want is I want to generate the resulting object as if I casted the part in real life and generated the object. I hope I'm clear.
Is this possible ?



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Yes, Boolean Operations make it very easy to generate the casting part from the mold.

First, the two mold parts (usually called the "core" and the "cavity") need to be defined as separate bodies in a single CATPart file.

Here's how to get the cast object:

1. Insert a new Body and use Change Body to make this the Part Body. Add a Pad that is the same shape as the overall size of two mold pieces (or slightly smaller)
2. Use a boolean Remove to remove the top mold from the PartBody
3. Use another boolean Remove to remove the bottom mold from the PartBody

The result will be the cast piece, which can be checked for moldability with the Draft Analysis tool in CATIA

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