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box in 3d


New member


I am a beginner in solidworks. I am working on Solidworks 2013 x64 student version.*

I have to draw a box with 2 hinges, a lock and a carrying handle.

I place the hinge but I can not open the box . See assembly in attachment.

Can somebody complete my assembly with hinges?*

and send it back in zip-format?


I have to make this task as soon as possible

I will be you very grateful




J Stanley

New member
1) You need to learn what to do yourself....... project, and YOUR problem.

But the "motion" add-on plus using correct constraints is needed also, to make the model animate. Without animation, you can move the parts but only manually to different positions..

You cannot constrain the cover except via the hinges. And do not use any angle constraints, you need to constrain in such a way that you do not obstruct the movement.

Also, in general, only the current level of assembly can move manually. So if you make the entire hinge as a subassembly and then attach it, it won't move. It will only move in the subasssembly "level".

But if you put the half hinges on top and bottom subassemblies, then use hinges and pins to attach top to bottom at a higher level of assembly, then it should move manually according to constraints at that level.

One other thing..... this particular forum is not very active. I think you can find better forums for Solidworks if you look around the web. I won't mention them, so as not to be offensive to the site managers. For other software, this site is OK, just apparently not very active for Solidworks.