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Broken plane contraints in assembly


New member
Wen i try to cut paste the components from one sub-assembly to the other, the contraints b/w planes willl get break. Ex.- the parallelism contraint given for a xy plane of one of the tubes to restrict its rotation along its own axis.

Please anyone help regarding this issue.:confused:

Thank you.


Super Moderator
If you publish the constraint geometry (such as the planes), you will have less broken constraints when you copy&paste things between different assemblies.

You can reconnect the constraint to the features in the new instances, or delete and recreate the constraint.


New member
Thank you Mr. Catia

I am very thankful to you for putting light on my doubt.
Can you please give some more stress on publication such as the method to create the publications, other advantages of publications if any.

As I told, the constraints get broken between the planes, but in very few cases the constraint will not get broken. dont know why it is...:(