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Cannot create dimple!


New member
Hi, hope somebody knows what's the problem:

I try to make a Dimple with a circle R=0.75mm, depth 1.75, material thickness 1mm, but it says that the punch or die radius is too big. I have no punch or die radius at all, it's 0!

What should i do to finish my model? (btw, this dimple feature is the last thing on my model =))
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New member

When you're creating the dimple, you must select in the options button radius of the die and the punch in zero mm. Then you can draw the skecth with a circle of 1,5 mm diameter and a depth of 1,75 mm, and when you press finish the warning will appear To correct this warning you must select in the ribbon bar the option "outside walls" (I don't know the correct name of that command in the English Solid Edge Version because I works in Spanish one). Then finish the feature.

Good Luck!

Juan F.


New member

well, thanks for advice but, if i select outside walls then the radius will become larger and i'll have to change it to fit. The thing is that i believe that this feature is too small to do it (yet we do it, don't know how :)).
Anyway, thank you for your help!;)


New member
One more time maybe?

Got to bring this thread up again.

I still don't know how to do them.
I'll give you an example of what i have to do (see attachments).
Let's see if someone comes up with any ideas 'cause mine are gone :p