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Cannot open Catia drawings


New member
I cannot open certain catia drawings.
I can open the models, but not the drawings.

Says something about a different editor may have been used.

Any ideas? I am clueless on the subject.


Super Moderator
Did you make the drawings or someone else, maybe from another company?

Were the drawings made with the same CATIA release, or a higher level release?


New member
I installed AIX v5.3 and also OpenGL libraries. The default OS mode was 64b, but I had to switch to 32b (I had to use Oracle 8.1.7 client).
When I launch CATIA

./catstart -rm "CNEXT -env CATIA.V5R15.B15 -diren /CATEnv"

I get following error

Cannot open library libCATVisOpenGL.a

-> Error logged in /home/vpmadm/CATTemp/error.log
-> Abend file is /home/vpmadm/CATTemp/AbendTrace_vpmadm_d037_h09m45_0.txt
+ THE ERROR IS &nbs p; &nbs p; &nbs p; +
+ ; ; ; ; +
+ ABORTING &nbs p; &nbs p; &nbs p; +
Terminating ...
CATIA V5 Program aborted

I checked system valiables in dump file and the path to libraries is OK.

The question is:

Can the error above be caused by wrong type of installed OpenGL libs (64b binaries cannot be run by 32b kernel) or is it any other explanation for this error.

Best regards