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cannot see all the bodies, only the latest one


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found this question in another forum:

Hi, good afternoon. My name is Luis and i am a begginer on CATIA; Nevertheless, my final project is to create a F-117A Nighthawk Jet, the problem is that... i have used many BODIES doing the airplane, and i was able to see all the parts (all the bodies), but i don't know what i did and... now i cannot see all the bodies, only the latest one. I know that it could be if i hidde the elements, but THEY AREN'T HIDDEN and... i don't know what to do. In my first photo you can see one part (the latest) but and the others? they aren't hidden. And if i push the sketch of the pad, or pocket, or shaft or whatever of the element in the other bodies... vuala, it appears!! but when i click ok i cant see them again!!!! DO NOT KNOW WHAT I DID :S PLEASE, NEED HELP:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(:(

I have to send it tomorrow :(


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I get this question alot.

There is a very small icon usually on the bottom of the screen that toggles between displaying all the bodies or just displaying the current body. (see attachment below) You must have clicked on that icon by mistake.

But I don't see this icon on the images you attached.

So, you can also toggle this setting with Tools + Options. Look in Infrastructure + Part Infrastructure and then look in the DISPLAY tab and turn off the ONLY CURRENT BODY option.


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