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Cannot zoom model even in model manipulation mode, please help!

I noticed that there has been a similar question asked in this forum(link: http://www.3dcadforums.com/catia-forum/6351-catia-stuck-tree-manipulation.html), but my problem is slightly different.

I am sure I am on model manipulation mode because I can pan the model (using my mouse scroll button) and rotate (or orbit) using the scroll and right mouse buttons. But I cannot zoom. If I scroll, the tree goes up or down. If I press CTRL and scroll, the size of the tree changes (it becomes bigger or smaller).

My settings in Tools>Options...>Display>Tree Manipulation are:

Automatic scroll activation during Dragdrop (ON)
Display geometry during tree scrolling (OFF)

Automatic expand activation (OFF)

Tree zoom after clicking on any branch (ON)

I tried several combinations of these settings but it didn't help.
Shift+F3 takes me tree manipulation mode (making the model greyish) and this works as it should. But Shift+F3 brings me back to the model manipulation and the problem still exists.

Is this a bug or is there something wrong with my settings?
Please help.

Thank you!


Super Moderator
I hope you have figured this out by now. If not, I have one suggestion:

1. Use View + Render Style + Parallel. This will take you out of Perspective viewing and enable normal zooming.