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Can't convert part to sheet metal


I have been using solidworks for years, but my new job only has Pro e, so I am trying to pick it up as quickly as possible, however I have run into a problem that I cannot find an answer to anywhere else.

I am currently trying to design a simple air baffle for a prototype, as seen here:


I have been trying to use the sheet metal conversion tool (I had previously made a version of the same design using insert flanges etc. but this resulted in a model with large gaps where the edges met due to inaccurate bend angles calculated with trig), I added rips and bends:


As can be seen in this preview it appears to work ok, nothing seems to be intersecting or overlapping:


However when I try to resolve it, I get this error:


" < Overview > < Feature Info > < Resolve Hints >
FEATURE #18 (SMT CONVERSION), PART BAFFLE_2_1, failed regeneration.
Feature aborted. Geometry was overlapping. "

I can't see any apparent overlaps, I think it may be at the corners of the bends in the lower portion of the part, highlighted here:


I believe this could be fixed using corner reliefs, but it will not let me add any! When I try to add corner reliefs in the Sheetmetal Conversion pop out the "add" button is grayed out preventing me from using it.

If anyone has any insight into this issue it would be much appreciated.

Edit: Forgot to mention - Using Wildfire 4.0
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