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New member

What is my mistake creating catalog?

1.I have Part with Design Table.xls
2.Open New Catalog Editor
3.In componentFamily -> Add Generative Part
4.Select Documet -> I select my Document(Part) -Resolution mode->Description will be resolved

But when I try to add to Assembly new component from Catalog Browser I heve to choose option Add Instantiate As New Component. I'd like to Add new component in the same way I add new bolt (for example) clicking twice on component. When I click twice on component it adds component but not new, just open resolved one. And Part name is always Part, not name from PartNumber column in excell. Why is that?

Best regards


Super Moderator
I don't have much experience with creating Catalogs, but I don't think Design Tables belong in a Catalog.

My suggestion is the use the Design Table to create all the parts (CATPart files) and place all the parts into the Catalog.