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Catia Caching Obselete Links to Parts


New member
I have just gone through a process of renaming a few part files and changing the network directory that they are stored in. After completing this task I went through the Desk menu to relink all of the files which seems to have worked to the most part. The problem I now have is that every time I load my CATProduct file there are three Parts which appear with a broken link, but when Desk is opened they are all healthy. Catia seems to be looking for something in the old directory (Y:\) instead of the new network directory (X:\).
The Edit>Links table all looks OK.
Does anyone know where else I could look to find the source of this error?


New member
The files we renamed in the windows explorer window and also the parts were renamed to match in the Properties of the parts.


Super Moderator
Does anyone know where else I could look to find the source of this error?
just look in the mirror for the source of the error :)

When using links in CATIA V5, always use FILE + SAVE MANAGEMENT to manage those links! Never rename CATIA file or folders with Windows, and never move CATIA files or folders with Windows. Instead, always use SAVE MANAGEMENT to rename and/or move CATIA files and maintain (manage) good links between the files.

To fix all the links, use the FILE + DESK to find and open all the files with broken links. After all the files are opened and EDIT + LINKS shows all the links are OK, use FILE + SAVE MANAGEMENT + SAVE AS to rename and relocate all the files (overwrite the files if necessary)

This is true for all multi-model links! INSTANCE, IMPORT, CONTEXT, COPY & PASTE, and VIEW links.
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