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Catia Datum Features And Dimensioning of Broken Views in Drawings


New member
I have a drawing view of a product that contains a part outlining a set of 3D point locations. I have created two breaks in the views in order to reduce the overall height of the geometry on the drawing. When I chose the 3D Points Dress-up option under properties for the view the datum points appear to be in the unbroken state. A dimension cannot be created from these points back to the geometry within the view. These points were created within the PartBody of the part. The only thing in the part is the set of 3D points. I can create dimensions from the base of the product geometry spanning across both breaks to the top of the geometry and this distance reads accurately. I'm assuming this is a limitation of Catia? Seems strange that the 3D points do not follow the geometry in the break. I am going to model some solid geometry within the 3D points part and see if it follows. If it works I suppose I can reference the center points of said 3D geometry and then hide it in the drawing view but this just seemed like an odd limitation. I know broken views are generally strange animals in CAD packages but I would expect the reference geometry to at least follow the solid model geometry across the breaks even if dimensions were not allowed to be created. I can't even create a fake dimension to the points, not that I would want to I guess since they are not showing up in the right place with the 3D geometry...


Super Moderator
I'm surprised it doesn't work. The problems you're having when you try to dimension the points, makes me suspect you might be working with multiple views? Please reply with an update of your progress. Thanks