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CATIA - Design Table - Point Creation


New member
Basically I would like to create a point and parameterize its x,y and z coordinates using design table
How to do this?


New member
In design Table you could able to redefine the parameters but i didn't try to create point. The use of design table is to create a family table not point table. And point doesn't belongs to any dimension so we cannot change that. In design table we need a dimension or a parameter to change, point doesn't have any dimension. so, i think we cannot use points in design table


Super Moderator

I agree with your comment about a Design Table being used to create a family of parts - that is, I believe, the primary purpose.

But, a Design Table can indeed be used to create the x, y and z coordinates of a point - the coordinates are parametric values just like any other geometric parameters.

There is a macro in CATIA, Elements From Excel, that will create points based on a spreadsheet. The Design Table method is just another way to do it.