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Catia Drawing Problem - Geometry Missing


I created an aircraft wing assembly, and I'm trying to create a bunch of drawings. However, multiple features are missing.

Here's the view I'm trying to create a drawing of:

This is what I get:

There are multiple issues with this drawing, and they all appear to be happening from this line inwards:

A quick explanation of how I made it, because it might be a hint towards a fix; if you look at this picture: http://imgur.com/hJGOOgG.jpg , I created 3 sketches with the wing profile on it, then created 2 multi-section solids between them. Then I pocketed the green highlighted areas away to line it up with the rest of the aircraft. I removed the ailerons, spoilers, and slats as well, as you can see on this picture: http://imgur.com/J7YU7CX.jpg , so far so good. I can even make a drawing of this object without any problems: http://imgur.com/L5ZBFy9.jpg.

The problems start when I start assembling everything. When everything is assembled, I get this top view: http://imgur.com/ju7y7Ec.jpg . The left area that was pocketed at the start of the project suddenly returns in the picture. Interesting to note is that this only happens on the left side, not the right side. The other geometries (the aileron, spoiler, and a part of the front slat) are also messed up.

Does anybody know what I can do to fix this? I hope I provided enough information.


Super Moderator
Could you please highlight exactly what is missing?

Are you using the Scenes to build your drawing views?

Is the drawing updated? (did you make the view before you pocketed the green wing ends?)