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Catia product assembly location issue

Hello Friends,

I am stuck up with a problem Catia and that is where I need your help.

I have a product in main assembly. Product " AllCATPart_ASSY" which is not located at 0,0,0 and needs to be fixed at 0,0,0 without disturbing the existing part locations.

We have total 951 parts in the product to be fixed. Can you help me out in fixing this problem?


Super Moderator
I don't understand your question. ? ? ?

Do you just want to move a sub-assembly within the main assembly?

Are all the parts already constrained to each other?

The name "ALLCATPART" sounds like maybe the assembly was converted into a CATPart?

I'll try to help you, but I need some more information about the data you're working with. A picture of your assembly, including the assembly tree, would be very helpful.

Please refer the attachment. I have taken snap shots of my product assembly.
There are total 6 products in my main assembly. Out of 6 products 5 are at 0,0,0 location as you can see in the first snap shot.
But the last assembly is not at 0,0,0 location needs to be fixed at 0,0,0 location.
The challenge I am facing is that I need to locate the last assembly but there are 951 parts in the product which are constrained and I don't want the parts in assembly to move. If it is done then the 951 parts in my last assembly scatter in air in the Catia environment. And I will have to apply constraints to all 951 parts again.

I hope this explanation may help you in understanding the problem.

Priyanka Kasbekar