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Catia Programmer - Can anyone help?


New member
Hi all,

I am new to the forum.

I have joined as i was looking on the net for information on Catia and how a programmer would work with it to develop new applications to operate within a Catia Framework.

I am actually a recruiter however i come from a design background and just wanted to understand more about this. Thus, any help would be much appreciated!

Many thanks,



Well, programming in CATIA its not quite an easy job because there are not so many trainings for that (same thing for courses)...at least in some countries....

Usually, who knows to program in CATIA, it means that he/she invest a lot of his personal time to read all kind of documentation not only in CATIA, but also in VBA, VB scripting or in much more advanced softwares...

The main problem in programming in CATIA is that DS doesn't made a well good develop documentation, at least for some workbenches...so users have many times to find themselves a solution for a problem which is not so well explained in DS docs.

If you will search the CATIA forums on the net, you can observe that there are not so many guys answering in programming forums, that's why they are a really gold mine...