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CATIA publication replace


New member

I would need some help. I hope there is a solution to this in CATIA. It seems impossible at the moment.


I have simple sketch made in a part at 1st level. --> named later SKETCH NEW
It is published.
In a skeleton at deeper level, there is another sketch which is also published and lot of other parts uses that on that level. --> named later SKETCH OLD
SKETCH NEW copied with link to that skeleton part.

I wanna replace that SKETCH OLD to the SKETCH NEW (BTW they contains the same geometry).

problem1: In the skeleton I cannot do replace, because there is no feature which uses SKETCH OLD. I solved: I made few temporary feature to use that. After that I can replace that to SKETCH NEW: CATIA asks which edge from SKETCH OLD relates to newer SKETCH NEW edges. After the adjust it says the SKETCH OLD is published: OK it is no problem. Publication still referenced to the SKETCH OLD which now not pointed to anything.

problem2: In the skeleton if I replace the publication of SKETCH OLD to the SKETCH NEW (without the replacing of sketch). It does not ask for me about the used edges, because it does not know which part uses which edge later.

I tried to combine both of the mentioned "solution": still problem.

I need to copy with link the sketch to every single part step by step and replace step by step at all the parts, it is very time consuming.

Do you have any idea?

I hope I told the issue traceable.

Thank you


Super Moderator
Problem 1:

In the skeleton; un-publish (remove) the SKETCH OLD. Then publish the SKETCH NEW, and use the same publication name as the previous one. If you don't need it, erase the SKETCH OLD.

Problem 2:

As long as the replaced published sketch has the same published name, all the linked copies should remain linked and update to the new sketch geometry. You should not have to re-copy everything one-by-one.
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