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Hello There..
I work on catia from one year..
But never came accross the function Publication (TOOLS<Publications).
Can anybody please explain this command in deatil..??


New member
Catia publication

Hello Mr.CATIA,

Can u please explain what is the difference between using a published body in another part and copy pasting with link in another part.

Thanks in advance.


Super Moderator
Copying features with links is the same, whether the feature is published or not.

The biggest difference is when the parent feature is modified, or replaced.

For example: Let's say we have a Line (LINE.x) that is the center axis of several featues. And we copy with a link to another Part and then create several sketches that are constrained to this line.

If LINE.X is deleted and replaced with LINE.Y, the link will be broken. LINE.Y will have to be re-copied to the other Part. All the sketches will have bad constraints, and they will have to be re-connected.

If the Line had been published (CENTERLINE), when it is deleted and replaced AND re-published, then the link remains good, and all the sketches constrained to the CENTERLINE will remain good.


Super Moderator
Your welcome!

Another difference is when you use Parents/Children to find out where the copied element is coming from. Links made from Published features provide much more information.