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Catia Saving Problem (with V6)


New member
please, I have install the catia v6, but i can´t save any file,

how I can save a file?.

please help me
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From what I've read about CATIA V6, one of the major differences is that V6 is "not file-based", like V5 is. This means there is no FILE+OPEN and no FILE+SAVE operations. Instead all V6 files are managed by the PDM system.

I suggest you refer to the V6 documentation for more information.

A good source of Q&A for CATIA V6 is the COE Discussion Forum:
COE - Active Discussions - COE Forums - CATIA V6


New member
how do you save a file in V6? use Propagate

But how does this propagate works?
even when i save file i can not find it to open it again... please give me some information.
I was hanging on in so many forums belongs to V6 but could't get my answer yet.

thank you


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I'm not a V6 user. I've never been trained in V6, but I did have an opportunity to 'play' with some of the part design features in V6 to learn that the V6 modeler is very similar to the V5 modeler.

How did you learn to use V6? Go back to your instructor and ask how to propagate (save) a file.

Are you using Matrix One as the PDM system to manage the CATIA files?

If your instructor can't help, go to the company that sold you V6. They must have someone who can help you with such a basic question. As a last result, contact Dassault directly.
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New member
hi dear

Thanks dear...
Actually i have knew how to work with V6 because i get use to work with V5.
it's similar in many ways but in some cases like saving there is some differences between them.
anyway thank you for your help



New member

Hi friends!!I too got a problem with saving files in catiav6.whenever i use propogate or just save,it says that the file is write protected.do anyone know the answer?