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Catia Solid body from STL


New member
Hi Catia Cad users,

It is possible to saw Catia solid body on fast way - directly from closed STL scan data ?
resulting solid body must be later boolean activ with any other solid body inside system.

We search for fast process with NO need for additional curves and any analitical surfaces.


Super Moderator
Depends on the shape of the part being scanned, and how accurate you want the CATIA solid to be.

STL data or scanned data of complex shapes and be used to make curves and surfaces with the Digitized Shape Editor workbench in CATIA. Once you have a closed surface, you can make a solid from that. This is typically a lot of work and not a fast process.

If that part is fairly simple with flat and/or circular faces, you could open the STL file, take some measurements, and create your own solid model fairly simply and accurately.

SLT data is for 3D printing, and is not intended to be converted into CAD data.


New member
What I can recommend is doing that in NX. It has some tools to analyze the curvature of the scanned body and build shapes on it's basis, very effective tool and if the element has simple shapes it takes a few minutes to reconstruct it.