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CATIA surface help


New member
Hi guys, I was wondering if someone could give me some advice. I have been trying to convert a .obj file into a CATIA compatible file format. I finally managed to get it into an IGES file and into CATIA. However the model has lost a lot of its fidelity in the process. I used mesh to solid 3 to generate a Rhino file, then exported from Rhino into IGES. I have included a pic of the model to show you what I mean.

I am mainly using CATIA v5 at my place of work (they dont mind me doing some private stuff in my spare time) and I was wondering if there was any way I could regenerate the surface to make it smooth again, so it would be suitable for moulding off. I thank you for any help.


Kevin De Smet

New member
.obj often contains polygon data, which means the model may look smooth but is actually a bunch of tiny facets. If it is a subdivision model (also polygons) you have more luck, you can freeze a densely faceted version and save that out as an .obj

When rendered it should look smooth.