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Catia v5 and Smarteam Intergration (Design Tables)


New member
So if anyone is familiar with Smarteam, maybe you have a similiar problem.

When I load a part from smarteam, it will not bring the design table down with it into my work directory. I have to load it separately. All my design tables are in the smarteam database, but they won't transfer with the part.

Any suggestions??? is there a setting in v5 or isn't it just something that will never work?

Maybe teamcenter has the same issue, not too familiar with it though.



New member
When you load a part from smarteam, for bringing the design table down with it into your work directory, you have to select the part in the lifecycle window and clicking the right button select in the contextual menu "Associated objects"---"Catia Links"---All. Then you can see in the lifecycle window all the files associated to your part (design tables, etc), you must click the icon on the left, before the name of your design table and choose the right operation that you want to do (check out, copy file or new release).
I hope you can understand this post, my english isn't good. I'm sorry.