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Catia V5 - blueprint import issues with Sketch Tracer


New member

I have been trying to import and display blueprints for a while now, but without success.

Here is a small video I made to show you how I proceeded


As you can see the blueprint is not displayed correctly in cylindrical view and it is impossible to move around and zoom in correctly...

Any comment and idea is greatly appreciated


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what are you trying to do? what format is your blueprint file? which workbench are you using?


New member
Hi, I am trying to import the blueprints in order to 3D model ships, planes, cars etc.

I read and watched a few tutorials and all used the cylindrical view and selected the 'use a cube' option. In their case, the blueprint immediately appears correctly and they can adjust the green arrows easily, but for me the blueprint is somehow completely distorded and I don't know where that comes from...
Two of the tutorials I followed:
https://youtu.be/XoqVTAA_go4 (hence the F16 :) )

The blueprint is JPEG

By workbench, do you mean the release of Catia? If I remember correctly it is R20.

Hope it helps
Thanks a lot ;)



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Thanks for the reply with followup information. I'm not sure what is causing the problem. Can you rotate and zoom other models, such as models you've created yourself with solids?

One thing to try: go to Tools + Options + General + Display, and in the Navigation page, turn off the option for GRAVITIONAL EFFECTS DURING NAVIGATION
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New member
Thanks for answering :)

I went into the options, and the gravity thing was already unselected, so I toggled it but it didn't make any difference.

I have never had any other issue with Catia before. I have been using it for 3 years now, be it in Part Design, Surface and Wireframe, Assembly, Drafting or Generative Shape.

By the way, on this and other forums the same problem has already been discussed, but there is nowhere a positive answer :(

So any suggestion is still welcome :)