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Catia V5 Cache issue


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Hi All,

My first post so please don't beat me up!

I'm using Catia V5 R18 SP8 and am having issues saving when working with the cache system active. I've tried deleting settings etc but I still have the issue. Basically once the product is loaded clicking 'save management' just locks the whole system from which I then have to close the process using task manager.

Is anyone aware of this issue? I've tried a search on the forum and on the internet but come up with nothing.

Many Thanks

Make sure that all the files you modified (CATPart and CATProduct) are in Design Mode before you save them. Saving a file in Visualization Mode will cause problems.

Clicking Save Management should not cause any problems or lockup the CATIA session. Did you rename or move any files?
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I've turned on Cache Management while working in CATIA V5 R26 to open larger .CATProduct files faster, but noticed that when trying to constrain the assembly in the Assembly Design workbench, some surfaces, for example the center axis of a hole, are not available for selection when using the Coincident constraint. Instead, for example, the inner cylindrical surface of the hole is recognized as a patchwork of surfaces. Is this a consequence of using the Cache Management system, or something else?
Yes. When working with the assembly of parts with the CACHE turned on, you have to be aware of when parts are loaded in Visualization or Design modes. Adding assembly Constraints requires Design geometry of the parts to be constrained.
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