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CATIA V5 Catdrawing Save-To-PDF Question


New member
Whenever I tried to save my .catdrawing to pdf using "File>Save As", the detail tabs in my catdrawing also get saved as pdf.

1. Can anyone advise if there is anyway to just save the tab where my drawing sheet is?

2. In addition, the pdf being saved is always default named as FILENAME_SHEET1.pdf where SHEET1 is the tab name in my catdrawing. Can the pdf be saved without the _SHEET1?

Any advise is much appreciated.


New member
PDF conversion


You need to go to tools...options...compatibility....graphics formats...uncheck save multi sheet document in a single vectorial file.For renaming the file you can do it while you are saving it.Hope it helps.


Super Moderator
We have ADOBE PDF set up as a printer where I work. To convert drawings to PDF files, we just FILE + PRINT the drawing. We can just choose one drawing sheet or all the drawing sheets, but the detail sheets are not included.

correction: the detail sheets are created also. But each sheet is a separate file, so it's easy to delete the unwanted detail sheet.

Using the ADOBE PDF option lets us rename the pdf file and choose a folder to save it in.
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CATDrawing to PDF


Goto tools..options..compatibility...graphics formats...change multi sheet output settings.i posted the same the other day.dont know why it was not published.All the best.