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Catia V5 - How to dimension a Diameter in a Sketch for a Revolution



Does anyone know if it's possible to force a Diameter dimension in a sketch for a revolution? I know it's easy to multiply and divide by 2... but it would make it easier if it just showed a diameter dimension instead of a radius. I tried adding an axis, picking the axis twice when selecting lines to dimension, and creating the sketch with the Revolution tool. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thank you very much.

Diameter Dimension.jpg


Super Moderator
I do this all the time. First, you must have the centerline defined as an AXIS line in the the sketch. (only one Axis is allowed per sketch.) Now create the constraint by selecting the axis and the line, then right-click and choose the RADIUS/DIAMETER option, and click to locate the constraint. Double-click on the constraint to change the value and to choose if you want RADIUS or DIAMETER.