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Catia V5-R21 to Catia V5 R16 / R19


I have few models which are generated with the help of Catia V5R21.
But due to some reason, I want them to open in Catia V5 R16 / R19.

Is it possible to do it ?
If yes, then How ?

If it is possible to open them into lower version, then will be the model available with full model history or just as a STEP model (Dumb Solid) ?

Please help.

Vijay S


Super Moderator
There is a Utility program called Downward Compatibility that will convert higher level CATPart files into lower level files.

In your situation, I would suggest you convert the files to R16 format, so they can be opened in both R16 and R19.

Unfortunately, this Utility does purge the history of the CATPart file, and the results are a "dumb solid."

For more help, see this previous thread http://www.3dcadforums.com/catia-forum/2285-r17-parts-r16-options.html, or use the online Help.