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CATIA V5 Surfacing


Im new to CATIA. i used to model in rhinoceros v6, but switched to CATIA because i like the user interface, very technical but friendly. I need to make a multi-section srf. But, when i join all geometry the command displays errors in tangency so apparently this multi-section command is not matching the blends i made. is there any command in CATIA to make geometry match to curvature G2? Is there any class - A command for 4 -sided surfacing? Im not interested in making patchs or surface fills.

please see picture below...





Super Moderator
First, I would check the history of the surface and try to find the feature that is causing that cutout. Once found, I would Deactivate it (or Delete it).

Is the surface symmetrical, and was it modeled by mirroring half?