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Catia V5 Thicken surface no assembly


New member

I am trying to get a solid from a surface with thick surface and apply constraints in assembly workbench. The problem is that those constraints are not allowed.

1- I revolve an edge around an axis and then I apply thick surface. Now I can apply constraints. (The pictures upside)

2- I make 4 sketches. Blend, blend, blend, Healing + join + thick surface
Now I can't apply any constraint in assembly workbench
What is the problem with the second option?

Blend generates a surface between those two circles, no? and thick surface transform it to solid, right???Presentation1.jpg


Super Moderator
Are you having problems with finding the axis (centerline) when adding constraints?

With #1, the solid is made directly from a Revolved surface, so an axis is defined and can be used for constraints.

With #2, none of the blend surfaces have a axis, so the shape is undetermined (even though it looks like a cylinder). If you want to use this method, you have to add a centerline to the part, and use this line to build the constraint.


New member
Hello MrCatia,

Thank you very much.

Yes, I did it. I sketched an axis and it works.

With #2, I have an extra problem. If I want to use "contact constraint" in "assembly workbench", it is not possible to select those surfaces in the picture. I mean, the one with an arrow is flat, but I can not apply contact.
Do you have an idea why?


View attachment 1447


Super Moderator
The attached picture is not valid.

If you are having problems with the middle blend surface, the reason is the same; that surface was not created as a planar surface, so it is not valid for a plane-to-plane contact constraint. Are you sure that surface really is flat?

The easiest way to fix this is to add a plane through one of the surface edges, and use the plane for the contact constraint.