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Catia V5 & Vista- a problem and way to solve-100% read


New member
hi guys how are you
i send best regards for you

today i show a problem in start catia v5 in vista:
when i start it the windows like the below pic , open

in this pic you cant see the treegraph and in the other pic of option window
agian yo cant see the tree graph

in a long time i have this problem and cant solve with any ways like unistall or delete setting file ...etc
i very confused.....
when i see i cant solve this i decision to change my o.s
but one day i find this way to solve....

here you are
its my solution
this problem caused when your windows in vista have crystall style. this crystall stayl hide tree graph in catia
how should you solve it!!!?
follow me.....
go to this address

control panel>>>performance information and tools>>>adjust visual effect

in the opened window click the "custome" radio button
in the below list you must unclick the

Enable Desktop Composition

between the others
you can chose others but the mentioned must unclick

then apply changes
rerun the catia to see the treegraph

i excused from all because my english is so bad.but i think i can translate my scope to you
good luck

god protect all of us


New member
I tried this
It is still the same
Should I restart or anything to see the effect
Kindly advice

Thanks and regards
Sasisekar K